Only three resolutions: This should be a cakewalk, right?

Sooooo looking back at this first month of 2012, how did I do with my goals for the year? Let’s see. I only had three. That should be easy, right?

Walk daily: The good news is that I did walk more than I did last month. However, I didn’t walk every day. For example, yesterday I drove to work because I needed to go to the store before work to pick up something for lunch and with the store a mile in the opposite direction from where I work, it was easier to do that.

Read daily: With this one, I did much better, only missing one day to my knowledge and that only this week because I got caught up on games on Facebook after I returned home from work.

Pray/meditate daily: This is the one I didn’t do well at all, unless you want to call “Lord, help me get through this day without killing someone” as a prayer. I probably did say that every day (just kidding, more like every other day — well, only half-kidding on that last one). I need to make time to chill at the end of the day, even if it’s just putting on some music and the headphones to wash over the rest of the day.

Maybe I should listen to something like this each night (I don’t know about you, but I just chill reading the description of it):

Each Friday or Saturday as the case might be, I post Flashback Friday, where I use St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Examen as a guide and usually ask the following questions of myself and then you: For what are you least grateful this past week? For what are you most grateful this past week? So what are you least grateful for and most grateful for this past week?

One week in to New Year’s resolutions status report

Last week I decided to keep it simple for the New Year by committing to walk, read and pray/meditate every day. So one week in, how am I doing?


No, honestly?

Okay, honestly, I’m doing OK. I did miss a couple of days, on the weekend, walking every day. However, I’ve been good on the weekdays and Tuesday through Thursday, I’ll be walking to work at the library(about a mile away) and on Friday and Saturday, I’ll be walking back from work.

As for the reading and praying, I’ve been doing a bit better, especially on the reading front, with reading every day so far…even if it was only a story per day in The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 last week. At the start of this week, I’m also reading The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. Prayer, besides the “Oh, Lord, help me get through this day” eye-rolling kind, didn’t happen much, but I did pray/meditate some and it’s something I’ll continue to work on for this week.

So how are you doing on your New Year’s resolution one week in? Fair to middling, good or great?

K-I-S-S-ing this year goodbye from the start

This year I’m going to keep it stupid simple: no 10-point, three-parter resolutions with promises of marathons and how much mileage I’ll run, promises of challenges and how many books I’ll read and promises of living the holy life and how many times I’ll attend Mass.

Keep it Simple
Image by melgupta via Flickr

I’m only making three resolutions:

  • WALK every day.
  • READ every day.
  • PRAY/meditate every day.

That’s all for me here for today: keeping it stupid simple here, y’all.


Sweet Dreams Are Wishes Your Heart Makes

Back in September, I mentioned writing down my dreams as suggested by Chip Ingram in his book Good To Great In God’s Eyes: Ten Practices Christians Have In Common. One of those ten practices is “Dream Great Dreams” and one of the action steps (at the end of each chapter) is to “write on four index cards one sentence that expresses your ultimate lifelong dream in each of these four categories: personal growth; singleness, marriage or family; professional career and church and ministry (p. 96).” Then on the back, you are to list the next three steps you believe you need to take to fulfill your dream and consider you can take immediately” (97).

I did that then, but didn’t share them specifically.  Now with the New Year approaching, I think it’s only appropriate that I now share those dreams, those goals, those resolutions, if you will.

Personal growth

I want discipline in my life.

1. Get up earlier each day.

2. Run…to which I will now add exercise, period, plus maintain diet and lose weight.

3. Organize/discard books.


I  want to be more loving toward my wife than I have been.

1. Do dishes.

2. Plan time together.

3. Don’t just watch movies together and call that “together” time.


I want to write about my continual quest to become a better person and how others can become that better person too.

1. Consolidate three blogs into one (this one).

2. Look for other opportunities, other avenues to promote message through articles, websites,  etc.

3. Connect with others with same vision, same goal of becoming better version of themselves and share with others what we have learned.


I want to become a deacon in the Catholic Church.

1. Contact diocese about.

2. Talk to Deacon Jerry (a deacon at our parish) about.

3. Read about responsibilities and pray if this is right direction God wants me to go.

Along with these, which are enough in themselves, are a few simple things:

1. Body: Use only one website for continuing diet and exercise program, WeightWatchers, because that is what worked “the first time around.”  Drop other sites and politely decline offers from friends for other programs.

Also The Wife and I are getting a gym membership for the next three months of winter, as she says so eloquently “because walking outside when the chill is -4 F doesn’t just take cojones, it takes a certain flavor of stupid that I am just not cookin’ with.” This ought to help me get the new year off on the right foot.

2. Mind: As mentioned in October at Just A (Reading) Fool, “I am going to work toward the goal of considering a book before picking it from the shelf — and aim toward that ‘shelf’ being one of those already in our house before the library.” I also will not sign up for any other online reading challenges besides the ones I already have listed on  my page (needs to be updated, to include only three, Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, Really Old Classics Challenge and Pulitzer Project.

3. Soul: Continue to read the Liturgy of the Hours, with specific focus on including more of Evening Prayer (I already have a pretty good routine for Morning Prayer, but seem to have a problem including the other part of “the hinge”).

4. Grammar: Stop ending sentences with prepositions as seen in dreams listed above.

Looking for a dream/dreams clip to go along with this post, I couldn’t decide between these two so went with both:

although I must admit that going to the ball in a glittering gown is NOT one of my dreams…