Accentuating the positive

Each Friday (or sometimes even Saturday), I post Flashback Friday, where I use St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Examen as a guide and usually ask the following questions: For what are you least grateful this past week? For what are you most grateful this past week?

This week I’m skipping right past the least grateful to the most grateful, because not only is Thanksgiving this coming week, but also I have the next week off from work. So naturally I feel like accentuating the positive at this moment. With time off from work, who wouldn’t?

I’m also skipping right past this past week and just looking forward to this coming week and also to Christmas for what I’m most grateful. The reason is because my wife and I actually have a couple days off together over both Thanksgiving and Christmas, which didn’t happen the last two years. She was new person on the totem pole at her job as a 911 dispatcher, but this year she finally has Thanksgiving and Black Friday off as do I. She also has two days off after Christmas as do I.

Technically, she does work Christmas Day, but only midnight to 8 a.m. and then is free the rest of the day. So we will be able to go to my parents for Christmas (and Thanksgiving too), although she might have to sleep a bit later during the day.  AND we are both off on our anniversary, Nov. 23, when we will celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss. I do have to work next Saturday, whereas she has the rest of the weekend off, but I’m off the rest of this coming week until then.

Mostly this weekend and this week, I plan on reading as I mentioned previouslyalthough some of the books I thought I was going to read previously have changed (more on that on Sunday). However, what I’m most looking forward to is having more time to spend with my wife, especially over Thanksgiving (and Christmas too).

For what are you least and most grateful this past week?

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5 thoughts on “Accentuating the positive”

  1. Yeah, you have a lot to be grateful for! I would love to have the week off. 🙂 I’m grateful for cooking and the upcoming Thankfully Reading Weekend. Happy reading!

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