I’ll be “Thankfully Reading” next weekend/week

The Sunday Salon.com I have off work seven days in a row for Thanksgiving this year, from Nov. 17 through Nov. 23. I already have planned to spend most of that time reading so when I heard about Thankfully Reading Weekend being sponsored again this year by Jenn’s Bookshelves, from Nov. 22 through Nov. 25, I knew I had to participate…even though I’ll be “cheating” by adding a few days on one side and cutting off two days on the other side.

By next weekend, I should be finished with the couple of “fluff” books I’ve been reading and can focus on tackling finishing The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 2 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’ve already been part way through this one on my Nook for a while, but would like to finish it this year so I can get on to a couple of Holmes pastiches that I’d like to read but felt that I really need to read the canon first. Next weekend will help me with that goal.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what I’ll read for the Thankfully Reading Weekend (week, in my case). I think I might drop (for now) a few of the books I had planned to read before year’s end, including The Seven Wonders by Steven Saylor. It is the prequel to Saylor’s Roma Sub Rosa series, which is one of my favorite series, but I think I’ll wait until it comes out in paperback in April. I was considering buying it for the Nook, but it’s $12.99 and in paperback, it will be just a little over $8. I guess that I’m spoiled getting books for free from libraries anymore.

The only book that I know I’m not dropping is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, which I still plan on reading during Christmas vacation. For that, I also have a week. That one has been a long time coming, but I think it will be worth the wait. Other than the Doyle and Hurakami, I’m not sure with what else I’ll finish the year. I think I’ll just leave it to whatever strikes my fancy.

So how about you? Do you plan on doing any reading during Thanksgiving? Or Christmas? If so, any ideas of what you’ll be reading then? If not, what about the rest of the year? What do you have tap, in the reading department?

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9 thoughts on “I’ll be “Thankfully Reading” next weekend/week”

    1. You should. The more, the merrier…

      …as for being generous, not really, I work a part-time job at a library. We already had off Thursday for Thanksgiving and Friday for Black Friday, and I had been taking off every Monday (only three hours) before I work on Saturdays. So really only two days off and only get hours off not days…but they did accumulate toward the end of the year because I didn’t take it earlier in the year. I actually forgot I had it.

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the Thankfully Reading event. I just signed up. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be reading that weekend yet but it’ll probably be some of the many library books I have or maybe a chunkster or two. I think I have about three weeks off between the last day of the semester and the first day of the next. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of reading done. Today I plan on rereading a graphic novel and then read from some of my textbooks. 🙂 Have a great week.

    1. Three weeks and Amy thought I had a lot of time! Sheesh. 🙂

      What are the chunksters you’re going to tackle?

  2. I have no idea if I’ll have a lot of reading time Thanksgiving weekend, but I certainly hope so! And I hope Beekeeper’s Apprentice is one of the pastiches you’re considering picking up after you finish the original Holmes – it’s excellent.

    1. I already read it, but stopped the series after wanting to read more of the original first. And, oh, yes, I enjoyed The Beekeeper’s Apprentice a lot…and the others I’ve read so far.

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