First World Problem No. 222: E-book difficulties

I’m not having very good luck with e-books recently. Last month, I downloaded Dorothy Sayers’ book Whose Body?, the first Lord Peter Wimsey mystery, in the wrong format from the Free Library of Philadelphia. Instead of being in Adobe EPUB, it was in Adobe PDF, which I couldn’t download directly to my phone. So I had to return it and be put in the back of the queue for the EPUB version (I’m still waiting).

Now this month, I downloaded (again from FLP) what I thought was the 25th Hercule Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie: The Labours of Hercules, only to learn that it is the 26th in the series.  I went to get what I now know is the 25th:  The Hollow, and now am on the hold list for it. I really was looking forward to getting back on track with the Poirot novels after not reading them for a while and thought I had just done that when I read Five Little Pigs. Now I have to wait. Argh!

So in the meantime, what am I reading? Er, nothing. The last few nights, my wife and I have been watching Downton Abbey, Series 3 via a Facebook page that posts links to the show. We’re up to Episode 5 and all I can say for those of you who are going to wait until January to see it on American TV, it’s AMAZEBALLS! Shirley MacLaine is brilliant, and…well, I’ll say no more, lest I “spoil” the fun (and, oh, not so fun too).

I did take out A Bad Day for Pretty, the second in the Bad Day series, by Sophie Littlefield, from our library after reading the first one, A Bad Day for Sorry last week. However, I just haven’t gotten to it yet, plus I still have the other books I mentioned previously that I’d like to read before year’s end. To be honest, I probably won’t get to any more books until this weekend. My wife is now home weeknights because of working a midnight shift, so my time for reading has been curtailed somewhat (by choice).

So how about you? What did you read this past week? What are you looking forward to reading in the near future?

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2 thoughts on “First World Problem No. 222: E-book difficulties”

  1. Sometimes I wonder why ebooks have to be so complicated. Or maybe it just seems that way? Overdrive has a new app that I can use on my Nook so I’ve been trying it out. The app doesn’t accept Adobe PDF so it’s been an experience since I mostly download my books in that format. I don’t think I’ve finished reading anything this week . I don’t think that’ll change until after Tuesday’s test.

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