BREAKING NEWS: British government to buy $60 million worth of opium from China for consumption in India

As I’ve mentioned previously, part of my job at our local library includes taking photos of obituaries from old newspapers for archival purposes. Recently I came across this item that made me go WTF?:


So if I’m reading this right, what was proposed was the British government buying back $60 million worth of drugs from China and returning it to India. In other words, let’s take the drugs from the yellow people and give it to the brown people.

Or if we were to look at the proposal on a map:


It would be taking the drugs from that large red country in the upper right and transporting it to that large brown country in the middle for its people’s consumption. Got it?

Two other items worth note:

1. Who knew that the fate of opium depended on Peru, Turkey, Greece and Switzerland at the time? I think it’s the only time the four countries were consulted on matters not related to llamas, Istanbul (not Constantinople),Β  gyros and watches or knives or the hiding of loads of Nazi money in their banks.

2. “The moving spirits in the conference in this country”? Maybe there’s the whole problem right there. The source for this article is “moving spirits” as in ghosts?

Of course, if it is a problem with ghosts, then…

On a final note for a much more serious and detailed (meaning confusing) explanation of the Opium Wars, see this, with the bottom line, though, being this observation:

Even though the exporting of opium from India to China was banned in 1913, the trade continued.
This post is part of an intermittent series called “Old Newspapers Don’t Just Make Good Cat Litter Liner,” which officially began here, with my most recent post in the series this past Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: British government to buy $60 million worth of opium from China for consumption in India”

  1. I couldn’t read the article (reasons similar to MadMargo’s)
    But I’ll trust any shit you spew – and it was funny.

    Nice Map.

    1. Wait. I am missing something. Is there some reason you’re not seeing the article? Because I see it here on my browser. Or are you just both high? πŸ˜‰

      I mean, I appreciate you trusting “any shit” I spew, but really, you can’t see it?

      I can’t take credit for the map and, as you can see, didn’t.

      1. I see the article alright – it’s all so blurry and pretty – it just makes me want to fall to the right and to the right and to the right ….

        1. Yeah, but you still can read it, dude. I guess blame my photo-taking and cropping skills.

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